September 21st, 2017
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Grant County Development Authority

County Overview

County OverviewGrant County is located in the midst of the Potomac Highlands. The area was settled by pioneers in the 1700s, especially after the conclusion of the French and Indian War with England in 1763. Grant County itself only came into being following the Civil War, when Union sympathizers in the western part of Hardy County opted to separate themselves from the Confederate loyalists concentrated in the eastern part of the county. Although the conflict with Native Americans continued for some time after, the lack of support from the French and the steady influx of settlers resulted in the withdrawal of the Native Americans from the contested ground.

The topography of Grant County is characterized by a series of parallel ridges and valleys pierced by occasional water gaps, and in the part of the county west of the Allegheny Front is a high rolling plateau that is cooler and wetter than the ridge and valley land to the east.

This climactic and topographic diversity provides the people of Grant County with a plethora of recreational choices. Choose from skiing, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, caving, rock climbing, kayaking, boating or golfing. Or you can quietly enjoy the scenic beauty of the area.

One unique recreational feature of Grant County is the Petersburg Wave, a rising column of air generated by strong west winds plunging over the Allegheny Front and deflected upward by ridges to the east. Each March finds many glider pilots setting altitude records on the Petersburg Wave.

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